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Cai Yuanli

In 1990 and 1993, xiangtan university successively received bachelor's degree in chemistry and master's degree in polymer chemistry and physics. In 2001, he received his doctorate in polymer chemistry and physics from the institute of chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences. He has been engaged in postdoctoral research in Bayreuth university in Germany (2001-2002), Sussex university in the UK (2002-2004) and Sheffield university in the UK. Successively served as professor, doctoral supervisor and associate dean of school of chemistry, xiangtan university (2004-2011). In 2011, he was appointed as the special professor and doctoral supervisor of the department of materialization of suzhou university. It is dedicated to exploring new methods of green, low carbon and fast controllable polymer synthesis, bionic design and synthesis of responsive functional polymers. Has to undertake and complete the UK EPSRC fund, fund of the German DFG, the roma hearts each 1 company projects, 1 key projects of national five-year science and technology research, the national natural science fund item 2, 6 university doctoral funds and other projects. A new method of visible-light activated room-temperature RAFT polymerization, which is green, low carbon, fast, controllable and real-time optical control, has been recognized by international experts in relevant fields as one of the latest progress of controllable free radical polymerization. Served as the chairman of the IUPAC advanced materials and synthesis seminar branch, and member of the expert group on mid-term inspection and final acceptance of key projects of the ministry of chemistry of the NSFC. Selected as the second level candidate of hunan new century 121 talent project. Presently for the ministry of education of environment friendly chemistry and application of key laboratory of the academic committee, ministry of science and technology international technology cooperation plan project evaluation expert, polymer science committee of Chinese chemical society.

Research area:

A new method of green polymer synthesis, biomimetic design and synthesis of polymers, and reactive functional polymer materials.


Guo Meng

echnical director of applied technology center and deputy director of prospective technology research center

Director of UV coating technology department. I have rich experience in leading the team's r&d. The projects developed by zeng xie's r&d team include:

1, assist the r&d team to develop mobile phone use high-performance wear-resistant composite vibration, leading industry, widely used in samsung, huawei, lenovo, cool brands such as mobile phones, is unanimously recognized customers and terminal mold factory brand, create a good enterprise value and social value;

2, assist the r&d team to develop from bottom coating and thin coating NCVM coating, appearance and performance excellence, is at a leading market, paint suppliers are to develop a similar coating at home and abroad, mainly used in huawei, lenovo, TCL and other brand mobile phones;

3, assist the r&d team developed a UV coating silver powder paint, replace traditional type baking paint silver + UV coating process, greatly improve the production capacity, and reduce energy consumption and manpower, material resources, the main application such as HP notebook computers and so on.


Wang Dongsheng

Chief engineer in vacuum coating field and chief application engineer in AF coatings division

The company UV coating vacuum coating field chief engineer. Mr. Wang from after graduation in 2007 in jiangsu province guangzhou hongtai polymer materials co., LTD., engaged in research and development of UV coating under Wang Shougong team developed no fewer than 500 products, and many products are widely used in different brand mobile phone, computer, household appliances, etc., h


Shi Erfeng

Deputy technical director, applied technology center

Company color & appearance paint product development manager. Assist the department manager to carry out the research, demonstration, development and design of the company's new products and technologies. I have more than 10 years of management experience in development and leading the team. I am good at communication and have strong team spirit.






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