The UV printing market has great potential for development

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(Summary description)In the United States, the packaging and printing industry has nurtured many successful companies' stories. In the late 1990s, UV technology was widely used in the field of offset printing.

The UV printing market has great potential for development

(Summary description)In the United States, the packaging and printing industry has nurtured many successful companies' stories. In the late 1990s, UV technology was widely used in the field of offset printing.

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In the United States, the packaging and printing industry has nurtured many successful companies' stories. In the late 1990s, UV technology was widely used in the field of offset printing. People used UV coating technology on special substrates to achieve designs that broke through traditional patterns. Other categories of products quickly followed suit, such as labels, after using UV inks, sales also increased significantly. Printing companies continue to tap the potential of technological innovation, largely because their customers changed their purchasing patterns. "Today, many industries are trying to rely on brands and luxury goods to establish their position in the market, jumping out of the vicious circle of cheap products and price wars." UV technology expert, Heidelberg American sheetfed product marketing vice president John Devi explained . The shiny gloss on UV printed matter and the special touch when touched verify the saying "good packaging is half of the sales."

Double-digit growth

"The world's demand for UV printing is rising. The sales of printing plants that apply UV technology have increased almost twice. Of the narrow web flexographic printing presses currently sold, more than 90% carry UV coating units." Heidelberg Said Yansi Knob, the product manager in charge of peripherals. Among Heidelberg's various format printing presses, most of them are UV models, and this proportion will continue to grow in the future.

Hybrid glazing processes will also benefit from this development trend. Since the mid-1990s, Heidelberg has installed more than 40 printing presses using hybrid coating technology in the US market. The particularity of the American market, especially the preference of commercial printing companies, determines the development prospects of hybrid coating technology. However, this trend will not extend to the global market. In principle, customers have the right to choose their own ink system. In any case, when the company has enough UV printing orders, it is definitely a wise move to choose a printing press with a UV coating unit.

Not harmful to the environment

In the past, people thought that UV printing was harmful to the environment and health. This idea was once popular in Europe, but now, these concerns have disappeared. In the process of cooperation with the German printing and paper industry insurance and protection agencies, Heidelberg successfully developed UV packaging with a high degree of safety protection for people and the environment. The development of inks and varnishes is also being carried out intensely. The current UV inks no longer contain solvents, eliminating the volatilization of harmful substances and damage to the environment. "Today, the application of UV printing is as safe as traditional offset printing." Knober said. "In fact, it is a good thing for the production environment and employees to no longer need to spray powder, and the printing plant has also significantly reduced the expenditure on consumables. More companies can find pleasure in pure ethics and saving money."

Rapid development in the U.S. market

"The rapid application and widespread dissemination of hybrid glazing and UV glazing technology in the US market has contributed to Heidelberg's technical research and development team," said John Devi. After the 1995 Drupa Exhibition, Heidelberg installed a Speedmaster CDl02-6+LYL offset press in the Chicago Exhibition Center, and worked with other suppliers and users to develop and explore online surface finishing technology. , Such as traditional offset printing inks, water-based glazing and UV glazing applications.

This research result laid the foundation for the development and use of hybrid inks (that is, about 25% of UV inks mixed with traditional offset printing inks). Since then, in Sacramento, California, Fang's Printing Company has joined forces with two suppliers that produce inks and drying devices to jointly study the interaction and influence between inks and production processes in the UV coating process. And has made a major breakthrough. They carried out a series of tests on a Heidelberg Speedmaster CDl02 printing machine, which was equipped with a UV curing system near the delivery part. Heidelberg realized that these experiments and discoveries would have a profound impact on the future of the printing industry, so in 1997, Heidelberg integrated these novel processes with printing presses and was the first to exhibit and demonstrate in the United States.

In the Los Angeles showroom, Heidelberg exhibited a specially constructed Speedmaster CDl02 six-color offset printing machine, which carries a coating unit, two drying units (infrared drying and hot air drying) and a UV coating unit. The UV lamp has multiple connection points, so it can be adjusted freely and has high flexibility. This configuration allows the ink to be irradiated by the UV lamp before printing, so that its gloss, viscosity and other characteristics can be fully displayed in the production.

In the next few years, Heidelberg American Company spared no effort to promote the development of UV coating technology, and constantly presented it at large-scale printing industry exhibitions. At the printing exhibitions in 1997, 2001 and 2002, users We can all feel the rapid development of UV technology. In addition, Heidelberg also cooperates with well-known industry associations (such as GATF and NAPL) to ensure that domestic printing companies in the United States can be informed of technological development trends in the first time. In 2003, Heidelberg American Company produced a picture book called "Beyond the Horizons", which showed many colorful effects created by hybrid glazing and UV glazing. The publisher of the album is Williamson Printing Company, and they also won the "Ben-nie" award in the American printing industry because they created "printing effects that others thought would never be possible." Suitable for all customer groups.

Today, this special printing process used by the packaging industry has been widely used in the fields of commerce, labeling and special printing. The quality of offset printing inks and varnishes continues to improve, and UV curing systems have become more and more powerful, making UV printing more and more popular in the market. In the past, it was difficult to achieve satisfactory results with multiple passes or even rework, but now high quality can be obtained with one pass. Today, more and more American commercial printing companies use the significant advantages of UV printing to attract customers, and this strategy is leading them to success. On the other hand, market demand is not only affected by supply factors. Those customers, especially designers, tend to use UV technology when pursuing a natural product appearance. "John Devixiao said. For example, when printing on non-coated paper, the ink is cured before it penetrates the paper fibers, so it exhibits an overall high saturation and precise to the detail effect, whether it is Gorgeous colors or clear graphics, all attract people’s attention. Hybrid inks and UV inks are frequently used on non-coated paper, and they leave a silky luster on the printed products, creating a brand new The texture. Automotive catalogs, business reports and even paper manufacturers’ product samples are all using hybrid printing or UV printing. At the same time, printing UV inks on plastic films and metal foils is also a fashionable practice in the United States. , The proportion of orders continues to rise.

The rapid development of ink and drying equipment

According to statistics from the largest ink manufacturer in the United States, the annual consumption of UV inks and varnishes in the local market has increased by about 15%. This figure is almost 10 times the annual growth rate of ink consumables in the traditional offset printing market. Hybrid ink was once regarded as a short-lived one, but now it is more and more admired by the market. There are also many products, such as inks, metallic inks and fluorescent inks for making pearl luster effects, which have also achieved steady growth in the market.

The market development of UV curing machine devices is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Compared with the sluggish market of certain ancillary equipment, all major manufacturers of curing devices, including Heidelberg, IST, etc., have received a large number of orders from the user base. This situation not only occurs when users purchase new equipment, but also increasingly reflects the tendency of printing companies to pay attention to investment strategies, and reflects the company's consideration and care for the future production capacity of the equipment.

Does this mean that every printing company must have its own UV printing. The expert's suggestion is: Every company should have an understanding of UV coating and hybrid coating process, and understand that they will create certain market opportunities for the company. At the same time, before investing in the UV coating process, companies need to have a deeper understanding of the needs of the customer base to determine whether the investment can make the company profitable.

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