LED UV curing ink will become the focus of future research and development

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(Summary description)The basic composition of UV ink is: prepolymer, active diluent, photoinitiator, pigment, auxiliary agent, etc. Prepolymers include: epoxy acrylate, polyester acrylate, urethane acrylate, modified acrylate, etc.

LED UV curing ink will become the focus of future research and development

(Summary description)The basic composition of UV ink is: prepolymer, active diluent, photoinitiator, pigment, auxiliary agent, etc. Prepolymers include: epoxy acrylate, polyester acrylate, urethane acrylate, modified acrylate, etc.

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The basic composition of UV ink is: prepolymer, active diluent, photoinitiator, pigment, auxiliary agent, etc. Prepolymers include: epoxy acrylate, polyester acrylate, urethane acrylate, modified acrylate, etc. Reactive diluent has the function of adjusting system viscosity, curing speed and ink film performance after curing. It is divided into multifunctionality and monofunctionality. The principle of UV ink curing is that the photoinitiator absorbs radiation and forms free radicals, which initiates a cross-linking reaction between the prepolymer and the reactive diluent to form a high molecular polymer with a network structure, so that the liquid quickly becomes a solid.

At present, the light source of UV ink generally uses a high-pressure mercury lamp, and its strongest wavelength is 365nm. Years of application results show that UV curing technology is a highly efficient, energy-saving, economical, widely applicable and environmentally friendly technology. But there are some shortcomings: 1. UV mercury lamp has a limited service life. 2. UV mercury lamp consumes a lot of energy, and the effective use of energy is not high. Only about 20% of the input energy produces ultraviolet rays, while 20% is visible energy and 40% is heat, which is not suitable for heat-sensitive materials. 3. Although the UV mercury lamp has no VOC emissions for solvent-based inks, it is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. But there are also some hidden pollution. For example, the high pressure, high temperature and strong radiation of the mercury lamp can easily cause the surrounding oxygen molecules to chemically react to produce ozone. And ozone not only has an adverse effect on the atmosphere, but also has a greater impact on health.

Relatively speaking, LED UV light source has the following advantages:

1. Cold light source, no heat radiation, low surface temperature of the illuminated object. This feature does not deform the film during the exposure process of the liquid photosensitive solder resist ink, reduces the distortion of the image transfer, and can better ensure the consistency of the image and the image. It can solve the long-term thermal damage problem in the production of optical communication liquid crystals, and is especially suitable for occasions that require small temperature rises such as liquid crystal edge banding and film printing. The heat generation is small, which can solve the problem that the mercury lamp printing equipment heats up and the staff is unbearable. The LED light source emits high-purity single-band ultraviolet light with almost no infrared output. It is a cold light source, and the processed parts will not be affected by Deformed by heat.

2. High efficiency. The LED light energy is highly concentrated in a certain ultraviolet spectrum with effective curing effect, and the actual use effect is comparable to that of a traditional high-pressure mercury lamp UV light source with a light intensity of 1000-2000mw/cm. Therefore, the curing time is shortened. The traditional mercury lamp looks very bright, but the heat is very high, because its spectrum is very wide, the UV spectrum that is really effective for curing only occupies a part of the energy, and a considerable part of it is lost in the visible range and infrared. The degree of spectrum (causing heat generation) is serious to the operator's eyes and is likely to cause thermal deformation of the processed workpiece.

3. Super long life. The service life of the LED lamp is more than 10 times that of the traditional mercury lamp, and the service life is not affected by the number of times of switching.

4. The response (switching) time is fast. The LED lamp does not need to be preheated, and can be printed immediately after turning on the lamp, and the productivity can be improved.

5. High security. The LED lamp has no UVC rays, no ozone is released, and it is not easy to break.

6. High stability. The printing quality of UV inkjet printers is closely related to the process of UV drying and curing. The stability of the LED lamp makes the output energy predictable and stable, so the printing effect is also predictable and stable. LED makes the ink deep-cured, and the wavelength of the light emitted by the LED lamp is 395nm, which can make the ink deep-cured, so it will not happen that the surface of the printed product is dry but the bottom layer is not dry. Printing on various media has strong adhesion and scratch resistance.

7. Low energy consumption. The power of the LED lamp is extremely low, only equivalent to 10%-20% of the UV mercury lamp.

Due to the advantages of LED curing light sources, the development of LED curing inks has become the direction of research and development in the current UV ink industry. When developing LED curing inks, the first thing to consider is the compatibility with the photoinitiator. A factor that must be considered when choosing a photoinitiator is that the absorption spectrum of the photoinitiator matches the emission spectrum of the light source.

The second thing to consider is compatibility with pigments. With respect to the emission wavelength of the LED, since the UV ink contains pigments and the like and the absorption wavelength of the photoinitiator overlaps, the curing characteristics become extremely poor compared to transparent varnishes without pigments. Compared with the conventional UV ink, the LED curing type must choose a pigment with good penetrability (small absorption) for the specific UV light wavelength used.

In addition, the choice of prepolymer and reactive monomer is also very important.

At present, LED curing devices are gradually entering the market, so LED UV curing inks will gradually replace traditional UV curing inks. The development and improvement of LED curing inks will be the focus of future research and development.

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